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Mog Squad George by theoctagon0 Mog Squad George by theoctagon0
Remember, the toy company NECA is considering canceling the upcoming Gremlins action figures if sales don't do well enough for series 2's Lenny, Brown, and Phantom figures. Fall season is upon us and now is the END OF THE LINE for Gremlins if sales don't go up so if you were waiting till now, THE TIME HAS COME TO SPREAD THE WORD AND BUY!

They're watching the sales through the end of Fall so if you've waited to get the Gremlins figures now is the time!!!! Toys R Us, gohastings, amazon, Big Bad Toystore, and many more have the Gremlins available to purchase.

They make a great gift for a fellow fan, add spice to any collection, and duplicates are GREAT for army building and customizing! Remember gang, now is the time to buy the Gremlins series 2, Mogwai are safe till series 3, but let's see the Gremlins keep going strong too!!!

If you or a friend enjoy Gremlins, please consider purchasing their Gremlins action figure line check out NECA'S Facebook page for info as well as the Mogwai Awareness Petition Facebook page and JOIN THE MOVEMENT! SPREAD THE WORD!

Let NECA and Toys R Us know on Twitter & Facebook and contact your local toy and collectibles shops to let them know you WANT THE NECA GREMLINS FIGURES!!

Like a Mogwai in the rain, our numbers will grow! Keep showing the Gremlins and Mogwai love via Facebook and Twitter and NECA along with the retailers are BOUND to notice how much we want these figures and how well they WILL sell! Mog Squad unite!!!

Join the Mogwai Awareness Petition Community!:

Post to NECA's FB page!:

Hit up Randy from NECA on Twitter to let him know we want the Mogwai!!:

NECA's Gremlins figures update:
Ava-the-gremlin Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww!!! I love this gremlin :)
mustlovealll1fe Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
George is like Grumpy Cat.
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